J&B Movers Moving Tips

Wrap Items for Extra Protection

Individually wrap each item in several pieces of clean newspaper. Stack three to five pieces together and then wrap that bundle for extra security. Always pack bigger items on the bottom and smaller items toward top. Pack particularly fragile items in a smaller box that you can then place inside another container. Wrap plates, bowls, and glasses independently, nesting 2 to 3 items together before rewrapping the whole package. Use extra newspaper around handles so they have more padding.

Storeons

J&B Movers can provide you with special cartons that accommodate most household items. Sorting your items into separate, organized containers makes for easier moving and unpacking. We suggest labeling your cartons so you know where they need to go once you’ve arrived at your new home.

Pack Appliances Carefully

Many appliances need servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving. Upon petition, J&B Movers will happily schedule a 3rd party to provide these solutions, though you may be able to do bulk of the requirements yourself. Individually wrap and pack clocks and radios together with other appliances by covering them with linens, towels or blank newspaper. Original manufacturer’s packaging provides the best protection for handling electronic goods. If you no longer have the original packaging, securely wrap your items and put them in medium or large boxes. Consult J&B Movers to determine requirements for moving any special appliances or items.

Place Clothing and Fabric in Appropriate Boxes

Leave hanging garments on hangers and place them inside wardrobe boxes for an easy moving experience. You can also remove hangers and pack clothes inside coat boxes, if you prefer. Leave hats in their boxes and set in a proceeding carton. Cover mattresses to protect them from soil and damage. Contact J&B Movers if you need help finding the right size box. Fold sheets, spreads and drapery and put them either in boxes or wardrobe cartons. If the material is not fragile then you can always use it to wrap other pieces of furniture to protect those during the move.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to pack for your next move, give J&B Movers a call!