The Complete Condensed Guide to Winter Moving

Moving in the winter months can be quite the chilling experience. You probably know you can count on snow at some point along the way, and not of the fun and fluffy winter wonderland variety. Here are a few tips from all of us here at J&B Movers to help you prepare while packing for a winter move.

Pick a Day with a Low Chance of Snow

Track the weather to choose a moving day for when it isn’t very likely to snow. You totally don’t want to have to deal with being pelted by pretty little snowflakes, or slipping on slick ground while carrying a heavy box. If possible, clear a path to your moving vehicle by making sure the ground is snow and ice free to avoid slips and falls while carrying boxes.

Also, be sure to take the same precautions for the new home you are moving into. You can even ask nearby service providers to do it for you to ensure a safe delivery.

Floor Care

With winter precipitation on the radar, transporting all your nifty belongings can get real messy, real fast. It’s easy to track in snowy muddy slush into your lovely new home. Might be a good idea to keep some old towels or cardboard boxes- or even paper- to avoid slopping up your floors with a muddy mess.

It’s also good to place separate crews inside and outside for box transport, to avoid getting mud inside your sparkly new home.

Box Safety

Store boxes in dry locations and also make sure that the interior of the moving vehicle is dry before placing boxes inside. Otherwise, the you may end up with soggy boxes- which can potentially damage the items inside and cause the boxes to break and spill all over the snow covered ground if they are wet.

Get Comfy

Utilize some nifty little heaters to make sure you and your moving crew stay nice and warm in between bursts of braving the elements. We also recommend some toasty tea, warm coffee, or hot chocolate to help you keep the heat.

Winter Kit Essentials

Keep a winter kit with you like a flask with hot water, blankets, snow scrapers, cleaning towels.

No Need to Rush

Getting into an overexcited hurry can exponentially increase your chances of falling and breaking either some part of yourself or your possessions. Take your time. Don’t get stressed. It just takes a little longer to move in winter weather. But you can do it! Just follow these quick tips and you’ll be all unpacked in your cozy new home in no time at all!