Packing Tips for Residential Moves

When using J & B Movers, you will have industry experts who also have a professional knowledge of how to move your household properly. When moving to a new home, the first tip we recommend is packing your clothing in wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes offer the perfect space for all types of garments, as they allow items to be hung up nicely, as opposed to bunched up in a box. With their integrated dowel, wardrobe boxes behave as a mini wardrobe throughout the move. They are also a product you can borrow from a moving company and give back afterwards, meaning no additional costs for you. Use these to help keep your garments looking wonderful, and pack the extra space beneath with linens and other light items.


The second tip we offer is to label everything and create a detailed stock. The last thing you need during your move, or during unpacking, is more chaos. You may avoid chaos by developing a detailed stock of each item being moved. This may yield you a definite idea of exactly what will be moved, as well as what isn’t. You may also then label all your boxes, utilizing the stock as a guide to make sure that all items are accounted for. This may save you from the severe frustration throughout the unpacking process, because you’ll be able to put boxes in the appropriate rooms and know precisely what’s in each box.


The third tip for residential moves is to pack properly. This doesn’t mean just throwing items into boxes and shifting them along. This means meticulously covering the boxes with packing materials, loading them cautiously, filling the surplus space with extra packing supplies, and then sealing the box shut with 3 pieces of tape. For large items, this implies emptying drawers, cabinets, etc; removing legs, components, and pieces; and then¬†wrapping all items in moving blankets and shrink wrap. Always keep in mind that you should maintain individual personal items in a special box that stays with or near you during the transition.


If you have any questions about moving to a new home in or near the Jonesboro area, contact J & B Movers!